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40-222. Examination of condition of company, when; report, disclosure; suspension or revocation of certificate; notice and hearing. (a) Whenever the commissioner of insurance deems it necessary but at least once every five years, the commissioner may make, or direct to be made, a financial examination of any insurance company in the process of organization, or applying for admission or doing business in this state. In addition, at the commissioner's discretion the commissioner may make, or direct to be made, a market regulation examination of any insurance company doing business in this state.

(b) In scheduling and determining the nature, scope and frequency of examinations of financial condition, the commissioner shall consider such matters as the results of financial statement analyses and ratios, changes in management or ownership, actuarial opinions, reports of independent certified public accountants and other criteria as set forth in the examiner's handbook adopted by the national association of insurance commissioners and in effect when the commissioner exercises discretion under this subsection.

(c) For the purpose of such examination, the commissioner of insurance or the persons appointed by the commissioner, for the purpose of making such examination shall have free access to the books and papers of any such company that relate to its business and to the books and papers kept by any of its agents and may examine under oath, which the commissioner or the persons appointed by the commissioner are empowered to administer, the directors, officers, agents or employees of any such company in relation to its affairs, transactions and condition.

(d) The commissioner may also examine or investigate any person, or the business of any person, in so far as such examination or investigation is, in the sole discretion of the commissioner, necessary or material to the examination of the company, but such examination or investigation shall not infringe upon or extend to any communications or information accorded privileged or confidential status under any other laws of this state.

(e) In lieu of examining the financial condition of a foreign or alien insurance company, the commissioner of insurance may accept the report of the examination made by or upon the authority of the company's state of domicile or port-of-entry state until January 1, 1994. Thereafter, such reports as they relate to financial condition may only be accepted if:

(1) The insurance department conducting the examination was at the time of the examination accredited under the national association of insurance commissioners' financial regulation standards and accreditation program; or

(2) the examination is performed under the supervision of an accredited insurance department, or with the participation of one or more examiners who are employed by such an accredited insurance department and who after a review of the examination work papers and report state under oath that the examination was performed in a manner consistent with the standards and procedures required by their insurance department.

(f) Upon determining that an examination should be conducted, the commissioner or the commissioner's designee shall appoint one or more examiners to perform the examination and instruct them as to the scope of the examination. In conducting an examination of financial condition, the examiner shall observe those guidelines and procedures set forth in the examiners' handbook adopted by the national association of insurance commissioners. The commissioner may also employ such other guidelines or procedures as the commissioner may deem appropriate.

(g) The refusal of any company, by its officers, directors, employees or agents, to submit to examination or to comply with any reasonable written request of the examiners shall be grounds for suspension or refusal of, or nonrenewal of any license or authority held by the company to engage in an insurance or other business subject to the commissioner's jurisdiction. Any such proceedings for suspension, revocation or refusal of any license or authority shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Kansas administrative procedure act.

(h) When making an examination under this act, the commissioner may retain attorneys, appraisers, independent actuaries, independent certified public accountants or other professionals and specialists as examiners, the reasonable cost of which shall be borne by the company which is the subject of the examination.

(i) Nothing contained in this act shall be construed to limit the commissioner's authority to terminate or suspend any examination in order to pursue other legal or regulatory action pursuant to the insurance laws of this state.

(j) Nothing contained in this act shall be construed to limit the commissioner's authority to use and, if appropriate, to make public any final or preliminary examination report in the furtherance of any legal or regulatory action which the commissioner may, in the commissioner's sole discretion, deem appropriate.

(k) (1) No later than 30 days following completion of the examination or at such earlier time as the commissioner shall prescribe, the examiner in charge shall file with the department a verified written report of examination under oath. No later than 30 days following receipt of the verified report, the department shall transmit the report to the company examined, together with a notice which shall afford such company examined a reasonable opportunity of not more than 30 days to make a written submission or rebuttal with respect to any matters contained in the examination report.

(2) Within 30 days of the end of the period allowed for the receipt of written submissions or rebuttals, the commissioner shall fully consider and review the report, together with any written submissions or rebuttals and any relevant portions of the examiners workpapers and enter an order:

(A) Adopting the examination report as filed or with modification or corrections. If the examination report reveals that the company is operating in violation of any law, regulation or prior order of the commissioner, the commissioner may order the company to take any action the commissioner considers necessary and appropriate to cure such violations; or

(B) rejecting the examination report with directions to the examiners to reopen the examination for purposes of obtaining additional data, documentation or information, and refiling pursuant to subsection (k); or

(C) call and conduct a fact-finding hearing in accordance with K.S.A. 40-281, and amendments thereto, for purposes of obtaining additional documentation, data, information and testimony.

(3) All orders entered as a result of revelations contained in the examination report shall be accompanied by findings and conclusions resulting from the commissioner's consideration and review of the examination report, relevant examiner workpapers and any written submissions or rebuttals. Within 30 days of the issuance of the adopted report, the company shall file affidavits executed by each of its directors stating under oath that they have received a copy of the adopted report and related orders.

(4) Upon the adoption of the examination report, the commissioner shall hold the content of the examination report as private and confidential information for a period of 30 days except to the extent provided in paragraph (5). Thereafter, the commissioner may open the report for public inspection so long as no court of competent jurisdiction has stayed its publication.

(5) (A) Except as provided in paragraph (B), nothing contained in this act shall prevent or be construed as prohibiting the commissioner from disclosing the content of an examination report, preliminary examination report or results, or any matter relating thereto, at any time to:

(i) The insurance department of this or any other state or country;

(ii) law enforcement officials of this or any other state or agency of the federal government or any other country; or

(iii) officials of any agency of another country.

(B) The commissioner shall not share any information listed in paragraph (A) unless the agency or office receiving the report or matters relating thereto agrees in writing to hold it confidential and in a manner consistent with this act.

(6) In the event the commissioner determines that regulatory action is appropriate as a result of any examination, the commissioner may initiate any proceedings or actions as provided by law.

(7) All working papers, recorded information, documents and copies thereof produced by, obtained by or disclosed to the commissioner or any other person in the course of an examination made under this act including analysis by the commissioner pertaining to either the financial condition or the market regulation of a company must be given confidential treatment and are not subject to subpoena and may not be made public by the commissioner or any other person, except to the extent otherwise specifically provided in K.S.A. 45-215 et seq., and amendments thereto. Access may also be granted to the national association of insurance commissioners and its affiliates. Such parties must agree in writing prior to receiving the information to provide to it the same confidential treatment as required by this section, unless the prior written consent of the company to which it pertains has been obtained.

(8) Whenever it appears to the commissioner of insurance from such examination or other satisfactory evidence that the solvency of any such insurance company is impaired, or that it is doing business in violation of any of the laws of this state, or that its affairs are in an unsound condition so as to endanger its policyholders, the commissioner of insurance shall give the company a notice and an opportunity for a hearing in accordance with the provisions of the Kansas administrative procedure act. If the hearing confirms the report of the examination, the commissioner shall suspend the certificate of authority of such company until its solvency shall have been fully restored and the laws of the state fully complied with. The commissioner may, if there is an unreasonable delay in restoring the solvency of such company and in complying with the law, revoke the certificate of authority of such company to do business in this state. Upon revoking any such certificate the commissioner shall commence an action to dissolve such company or to enjoin the same from doing or transacting business in this state.

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1. Superintendent's power to grant, refuse or revoke license is discretionary; not controllable by mandamus. Insurance Co. v. Wilder, 40 Kan. 561, 569, 20 P. 265.

2. Revocation of authority is controllable by courts. Insurance Co. v. Wilder, 43 Kan. 731, 23 P. 1061.

3. Attorney general may bring ouster proceedings upon complaint of superintendent. State, ex rel., v. National Industrial Insurance Co., 125 Kan. 119, 122, 263 P. 1060.

4. Stockholders cannot maintain action for receivership of failing company. Wright v. Federal Reserve Life Ins. Co., 131 Kan. 601, 606, 293 P. 945.

5. Attorney general cannot maintain quo warranto on own initiative without recognition of commissioner. State, ex rel., v. Kansas Life Ins. Co., 140 Kan. 267, 268, 36 P.2d 88.

6. Attorney general can bring receivership action without complying with procedure required herein, when. State, ex rel., Bank Savings Life Ins. Co., 142 Kan. 899, 904, 52 P.2d 639.

7. Notification of hearing hereunder to determine whether K.S.A. 40-209a violated. Bankers Service Life Ins. Co. v. Sullivan, 188 Kan. 783, 785, 366 P.2d 264.

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